I bathed, washed, and blow dried a chicken’s butt feathers tonight.  What did you do?

I did the same thing last night.  Two chickens down; one to go.  

I gave the girls the molasses water all day.  Apparently, the molasses causes a bit of diarrhea, which flushes their system of the bad bacteria.  Now I feed them yogurt and put apple cider vinegar in their water for the next few days in order to build up the good bacteria.  It can take anywhere from seven days to three weeks or four weeks to get rid of vent gleet.  They were “presenting” again today, which they haven’t been doing for two or three days, so that’s a good sign.  At the moment, they are still very active and eating and drinking, but I know that chickens tend to hide their sickness until they’re REALLY sick, so I’m keeping a close eye on them.  

I’m watching you, my feathered friends.  

On a completely different subject, back bending progress felt really slow this week.  I normally stretch on Tuesday evenings, but now that I’m taking a pole class on Sundays, I think my body is still too sore and stiff to make much progress when I stretch on Tuesday.  I think I’ll move stretching to Thursday nights.  



It’s not bad, but I don’t feel like I made any progress this week.  Maybe I need to not compare photos for three or four weeks.  Maybe then I’ll see a difference.  

On another completely different subject, everything is up in the garden (in the covered, raised beds).  We’ve got radishes, kale and spinach all sprouting and it’s not even the end of April.  Crazy.