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It’s only two weeks until foster toddler moves.  In order to not deal with my emotions of having to say goodbye to her, I will instead focus on a list of things to do after she’s gone.  I figure if I create a giant to-do list, I can distract myself to no end and continue to not deal with said emotions.  That’s a healthy response to grief, right?  (I know, I know).

  1. Finish putting up quarter round in the hallway.  Use Will’s compressor and air nailer to properly attach the rest of the quarter round I put up after the Bug was moved from us.  I used a hammer and finishing nails, but as this old house does not have straight walls or level floors, I missed hammering the nails into anything most of the time because I couldn’t get the quarter round to sit flat against the wall or floor, and now it is popping off everywhere.  As Will said, “Is any of this actually attached?”  I am not a carpenter, damn it.
  2. Put up baseboard in the bedroom.  We took a closet out of our hallway, and there was no baseboard on the wall, so in order to match it with the trim in rest of the house (which is oak, I think, probably from the 40s or 50s?  maybe even 30s?), we took the baseboard out of the bedroom and installed it in the hall.  So we’ve been without baseboard in the bedroom for about eight months now . . . yeah.
  3. Hang up art work.  I took it all down to paint and haven’t hung a single piece back up.  LAZY
  4. Spring clean.  My spring cleaning list is two typed pages long.  That should keep me busy for a while.
  5. Get rid of stuff.  This is going to sound totally insane, but some days I find my 800 square foot house to be about 300 square feet too big for us.  I sometimes wish we lived in a smaller house.  We have accumulated so much STUFF without even realizing it.  Our basement bedroom, which is the guest bedroom, looks like a hoarder lives in it.  It is packed to the ceiling with STUFF.  Fortunately, we have guests coming to stay with us the first week of May, so getting the bedroom back in shape is top priority.  I would like to downsize as if we were moving to a smaller house.
  6. Curtains.  Bought some curtains at Target during their liquidation.  I like the pattern but they’re too short for my window.  I need 96″ length, and these are 84″.  I plan to lengthen them by adding another panel piece to the bottom.  It’s tricky, however, to find the right type of material and pattern.
  7. Light fixtures.  I’m all about the “Warm Industrial” vibe we’ve got going on in the house now, but our vintage-y hallway light fixtures don’t really match anymore.  I shall haunt the ReStore for a good find.
  8. Bathe the dogs.  Especially Ziggy.  Lord, is he filthy.

That should keep me going until rehearsals for Shakespeare start in June.  Then I’ll be super busy.  La la la.  Distract, distract, distract.