So many fantastic things happened today. 

Started the day off by washing my filthy car and vacuuming out the winter gravel and grime.  

Did some Spring cleaning in my house, too.  Took the area rugs outside for a beating, swept the whole floor, mopped the whole floor, brought the rugs back in and vacuumed.  

Had lunch.  

Took Kingsley to the vet.  He’s doing much better after his round of steroids, but he’s dropped a kilogram since the end of March.  Stopped by Critters on our way home and bought him some calorie-rich food to be fed to him three times a day.  I’ll fatten him up again, no worries.  

Took the boys for a walk.  Discovered perfectly good toys thrown away in the alley.  Brought them home and washed them off for foster toddler.  One of the benches on the picnic table needs to be bolted back down.  Otherwise, they’re in pretty good shape.  A bit sun-bleached is all.  

Checked the nesting box.  A three-egg day!  Three-egg days are always good days.  

Did a ton of laundry.  It was super windy today, but instead of getting angry with the wind like I usually do, I used it to my advantage, and my clothes dried on the line in record time.  Hurrah!

Put together a veggie lasagna in the slow cooker at 3 p.m., and supper was ready to eat (with very little effort on my part) at 6 p.m.

Took foster toddler outside to play on her new toys (she laughed and stamped her feet, she was so excited).   She has a thing for slides.  She played outside until it was time for bath at 7:15 p.m.  

Now she’s in bed, and I’m about to read II’ll Be Back Before Midnight by Peter Colley.  I’ve got an audition next Wednesday for a role in an upcoming production. 

Have a lovely evening 🙂