Dear Garden Diary:

Today we broke a record.  Today we planted TWO beds in the garden!  

I used to think we were such rebels for planting before May long, but this is seriously early.  It’s nothing short of a climate change miracle.  

We planted Tyee spinach, Bright Lights Swiss chard, French Breakfast radishes (I can hardly wait for these!), and Toscana Kale.  

We also started Sweet Basil and HoneyNut Squash seedlings.  Usually, I direct sow squash but this one said to start it inside, so we did. 

We worked out in the yard all day today, raking leaves out of the flower beds, sweeping up pine needles and acorns, and even, yes!, rototilling part of the garden.  

I am pooped.  The dogs are pooped.  The foster toddler is already fast asleep.  Early to bed.  I’m not used to all that fresh air and sunshine.  It was so warm today, we even shut off the furnace!  I know!

Good night, Garden Diary.  I’ll be back soon 🙂