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Happy New Year!

For my first post in 2015, I thought I’d revisit my New Year’s resolutions from past years.  Just to check in and make sure that I’m becoming a better person, growing spiritually, improving my life, blah, blah, blah.

Let’s start with 2013.  These were my “goals” for the year:

1)  To feel less guilty

Actually, I am doing okay with this one.  Whenever I feel inappropriate guilt sneaking in, I say to myself, “This is a choice.  Build a bridge and get over it.”  And I do.  Score one for me.

2)  To only eat meat I know

I’ve been slacking on this one lately.  It’s a difficult thing to do, especially around the holidays when you are eating food that other people have prepared.  Although, I think I’m ready to take it up a notch this year . . . see New Year’s Resolutions 2015.

3)  To grow more vegetables

Yup, did that.  Going to scale it back a bit next summer.  It was tooooooo much.

4)  To take a few small steps toward Paris

Nope, totally failed on this one.  I’ve actually taken a number of large steps away from living in Paris for a year.  Have to re-examine that life goal.

5)  To look on the bright side

Ahhh, no.  Alas, I have not learned to be an optimist yet.  Still trying.  Must redouble the effort.

6)  To write like a demon

Well, yes and no.  I have to continued to blog, but I wouldn’t say that I’m writing like a demon.  Unless it’s a really lazy demon.


And now for 2014 (these are very poetic; I must have been feeling romantic and philosophical when I posted these).  These were my “wishes” for the year:

1)  A year of peace

Bahahahaha!  I think 2014 was the most un-peaceful year I’ve ever had!  With running the urban farm, Will’s new job, becoming foster parents, losing two of my girls, and then suddenly not being foster parents, I was a wired ball of stress most of the time.  Hilarious.  A year of peace.  Snort.

2)  A year of giving

Yes, I did give.  Becoming a foster parent is all about giving.

3)  A year of new experience

Definitely.  Met that goal/wish/resolution right on the nose.  Maybe I should have been more clear, and wished for a year of new and positive experience.


Alrighty, not the greatest track record for the past two years, but some goals have certainly be met.  What to work on this year?

2015 Resolutions:

1)  To only eat meat that we have personally killed

I was going to say “meat that we raised and butchered” but that would exclude deer, which is the majority of our red meat source this winter.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my food lately, and I’m starting to lean towards being a vegetarian.  I would still eat eggs, some dairy, and honey, so definitely not vegan, but I find that I’m struggling more and more lately with the morality of eating animals.  I’m not sure I deserve to eat something that I wouldn’t kill myself.  We are planning to raise some chickens for meat this summer, as well as having our laying hens.  Speaking of my laying hens, my girls popped out 315 eggs this year!  (Yes, I keep track.  Last year, they laid 291.  Record smashed).

2)  To learn another language

We’ll see.  This is a goal/resolution pretty much every year.  Hasn’t happened yet.  I should probably set my goals a bit lower, like “to take a shower every morning.”

3)  To eat more fruit and vegetables, especially in the winter

I like fruit, but to be honest, I don’t like very many veggies.  It’s extra hard in the winter because there isn’t as many options if you’re trying to eat local.  I guess I just have to give up my goal of local eating, feel a bit guilty, and buy the fresh fruit and veggies from the super market.  Trying to eat anything at all these days is like walking through an ethical mine field.

4)  To relax my need to have a clean house 24 hours a day

It simply isn’t possible with Hurricane Little Beaker.  Oh yeah, we have another foster baby – Little Beaker!  She arrived mid-November and is almost 19 months old.  She gets into EVERYTHING!  But she’s a doll, and we love her.  I just need to accept that the house isn’t going to be neat and tidy all the time.  Especially when she loves to dump her baskets of toys on the floor and then look straight at me and say, “Uh-oh.”

Four resolutions is a good number.  Four is perhaps doable.

I should maybe add one more –

To finish the renovations

This becomes nearly impossible with having a toddler around, but it can be done.  Evenings and weekends.  It may take the next six months of evening and weekends, but I’ll get it done.

Have a great week, everyone!