So sad.  The garden is empty.  That means Winter is coming.

We pulled the last of the veggies out – carrots and beets – and then we let the girls go wild in the dirt.  Will gave it a once over with the rototiller, and now it’ll lie empty and dormant and sad until Spring.  Sigh.

Chickens in the GardenBut the harvest was delicious.  I doled out tiny carrots to the dogs all afternoon (for some reason, they think carrots are treats.  Go figure).

harvesting the carrotsWe roasted carrots and beets for supper (glazed with honey and balsamic vinegar – yum), and ate those with a grass-fed rib-eye steak done on the BBQ.  We’re trying a new meat supplier.  I was finding the meat to be tough and difficult to prepare with our old supplier.  I was prepared to have to change a bit for grass-fed beef, but we just weren’t getting quality meat.  This new supplier is awesome – plus I can buy pastured pork from them, too!  Hurrah!

Carrots and beetsHope you had a fantastic weekend!

The Kings