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Today smashed my illusions that pet sitting/dog walking is my dream job.

On my first dog walk of the day, a man exposed himself to me in the park.  I didn’t think to call 911, but I did go to the police station after work and report it.  It was all so icky and freaky.  At first I thought it was an accident, but then I realized he totally did it on purpose.  He ran past me, stopped, turned around and walked past me with his  . . . thing . . . sticking out of his pants.  His erect thing.  It wasn’t an accident.

On my last dog walk of the day, the dog was huge and uncontrollable.  I finally tired her out, or so I thought, in the last 20 minutes of the walk.  We were almost home when she saw a cat, and LUNGED for it.  I felt like a truck hit me.  I think it gave me whiplash.  My neck snapped back as she pulled me forward.  Then she proceeded to give chase to the cat, pulled me off my feet and dragging me on my butt across the neighbour’s lawn and almost under their porch.  I finally stopped her by using the handrail as a lever to pull her leash tight.  I don’t think I’ll walk her ever again.  At least, not without a pinch collar.  People, if you’re going to have big dogs you MUST train them to be obedient.  Otherwise, they are dangerous.  To themselves and to others.

So yeah, all in all, a bad day.  Guess it can’t get much worse, though, so that’s looking on the bright side, right?