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We finally put our beeswax to good use.20130924-174546.jpg
I wanted to make tealights, but supplies for candle making are kinda expensive, and I’m kinda cheap, so I decided to put it off for awhile. That is until Will bumped into a friend whose sister has a honey bee operation, and she sometimes make candles. She told us her secret: the dollar store.

Buy a bunch of cheap tealights from the dollar store and pop the wax out! Because they drill through the wax and slide it over the wick, you can pop the wax out and use the container and the wick. It’s brilliant. We got sixteen tealights for $1, whereas the supplies I priced out at the craft store cost about $1 per tealight.

We melted the beeswax in a double boiler on the stove, and then strained it through cheesecloth to get it nice and clean. Note: dedicate a container and strainer just for wax because both will be ruined by the end of this process. Then I poured the wax into the tealight container (rather messily), and we let them sit and harden. And that’s it! So very easy.20130924-174328.jpg
I have to admit that at first I felt wasteful throwing away the wax, but it’s paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum and some information out there suggests that it might be toxic. It’s a cheap by product. I saved it anyway. I’ll use it to wax my window tracks or something.

I am so pleased with how the tealights turned out, and quite surprised by the amount we were able to make. We made 32 tealights from the wax we collected. Here’s hoping for more next year!