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Busy weekend here on the urban homestead.

We started Saturday morning off with a little garden therapy, and harvested our potatoes. This is the best potato harvest we’ve ever had. We’ll definitely be keeping some of these potatoes to use as seed potatoes next spring. They really thrived even though a) we planted them in the alley, and b) we totally neglected them. Way to go potatoes!

We also brought in the corn. We had such good luck with corn last year, but this year it didn’t do so well. I think we may not water the garden enough. Half the cob didn’t develop kernels, and it wasn’t very sweet. In fact, it tasted old and was hard to chew even though we had just harvested it. I guess we have to stop being so stingy with the water. There wasn’t a lot of rain this summer, and I hate to run up the water bill by using city water instead of rain water, but the quality of the food we’re producing kind of depends on it. Better irrigation next summer.

Saturday evening, I finally finished an up cycling project I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. My friend, Anita, replaced all the windows in her home last year, and I was able to snag a few of her old paned windows. I painstakingly removed the glass from this one, and turned it into a coat hook for my front porch.

Sunday morning, I started the day off with a little chicken television. That’s what I call it when I sit and watch the chickens for half an hour while drinking my morning coffee. They’re more entertaining than most tv shows. Seriously.

I strung up the cayenne peppers to dry in the window.


Then I headed to Moose Jaw to celebrate my nephew's first birthday. He's such a sweet boy. He snuggled right into me, but was a little wary when I insisted we take a selfie.

He really enjoyed his cake.

After the party, I drove back home, enjoying the prairie sunset. There is no better sunset than a Saskatchewan sunset. I’ve seen a few around the world, and they just don’t compare.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!