I’m trying, but I’m not being a very good blogger on the road. Had I been more organized, I would’ve had posts ready to go before I even left. Alas, I am not that organized.

I am reading a lot on this trip, which is something I really, really enjoy and haven’t had a whole lot of time for lately. Currently, I’m reading Walden or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau. It is dense, but very enjoyable especially to a homesteader-wannabe like myself.

Here’s a favourite quote:

The life which men praise and regard as successful is but one kind. Why should we exaggerate any one kind at the expense of the others?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career on this trip. Can’t say I’ve come up with anything profound or discovered a new approach, but the above line in regards to the state of my career really struck a note with me.

I’ve got more quotes on the way. See you Friday!