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I’ve become a bit obsessed with a new blog.

When I find a blog I like, I start from the very first post and read all the way through.  Lately, I’ve been making my way through this blog – the Refashionista.

This woman is amazing.  I already shop thrift stores for the majority of my clothes.   The main reason is that I’m an actor, and I don’t make a lot of money.  However, just like the Refashionista, I am also not entirely comfortable with our modern “fast fashion” industry that churns out poorly made, cheap clothes in every imaginable colour every season that just end up in the landfill six months later when they fall apart or the trend changes.  I love how creative she is with these cast off clothes.

And everything she uses is $1 or less!  That is so awesome.  Here I am like a sucka paying upward of $10 for a dress!  Well, no more.  Jillian – you have inspired me.

I have moved my sewing machine upstairs into my office, and I’ve scouted out thrift stores that have dollar day sales.  (The best part?  I can totally screw up and not have to feel like I’ve wasted money because it was only a buck)

Here’s my first go at refashioning. (Warning:  it’s not a terribly creative refashion)

Green Top beforeI got this top for $1 at Village Green.  I liked the colour and the print but it was way too big on me.  Plus, the elastic in the sleeves was stretched out, the bottom elastic was starting to unravel, and the ties in the front had some serious tassels on them.

I decided to make a few cuts.  And get rid of those huge tassels.  Chop, chop.  I cut off the bottom elastic and shortened the sleeves.Then I took it in two inches on each side.  Just pin and sew!

P1030754Cut off the excess material.

P1030756Then I hemmed the sleeves and the bottom edge, gave it a quick iron, and done.  New shirt for $1 (and less than an hour of my time).

Green top afterI have to say, I’m kinda proud of myself.  My sewing skills aren’t the best.  Hopefully, they’ll improve.  And as I mentioned at the beginning, this not a very creative refashion.  However, I did it quickly, I didn’t screw it up, and it turned into a top I’ll totally wear, so overall, it was quite a success!

Stay tuned for future refashions . . .

Oh, and HAPPY CANADA DAY!  Today is Beer Darts – I’ll post all about it later this week!