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It must be that time in my life.  So many people I know are having babies this summer.  So many friends are becoming parents, like they’re real grown ups or something.  I suppose now that we’re in our mid-thirties we actually are grown ups, but it doesn’t feel that way to me yet.  I still think I’m 25, not 35.

I wonder where that decade went.  Sometimes, it feels like I go to sleep and five years go flying by.

My grown-up moment of the day was spent pouring over garage quotes, trying to figure out when and how to replace our garage.  I may have muttered a couple of times, “I hate being a grown up.”  And sometimes, I really do.  Almost as much as I hated being a kid.  Here’s hoping my senior years are easier.

My friend, Anita, had her baby shower today.  She looked beautiful.

(And so grown up).

Anita's baby shower page 1Boy or girl?  Still a secret.  That’s why there’s blue AND pink punch.

Anita's baby shower page 2I bought her the book, “Go the F**k to Sleep.”  Yes.  I’m THAT friend at the baby shower.  Wish I could take credit for that hipster/mustache pacifier though – that is seriously awesome.  Especially if it’s a girl.