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I think I have a cold.

My throat has been sort of sore for the past two days.  My chest feels kind of heavy and congested.  My appetite is sort of gone.  But I still have my voice and lots of energy.

Maybe tomorrow it’ll hit me harder.  Or maybe tomorrow, it’ll be gone.  I really believe that eating yogurt and kefir have kept me healthy this winter.  I was hoping I wouldn’t get sick at all, but if this is the kind of cold you get when you eat lots of yogurt and kefir, I’ll take it.  Usually by day two, I’m hacking up a lung, sneezing my face off, and my voice sounds like I’ve been smoking for 40 years.

Yet, here I am.  Able to function.  Able to spring clean.  Lots of energy.

Maybe it’ll help me through allergy season, too.  Here’s hoping!


Yogurt (Photo credit: jenniferworthen)