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I’m currently avoiding two uncomfortable tasks:  writing a final grant report that is due in three weeks, and following up on garage replacement estimates.

One involves boring writing, and the other involves possible telephone calls.  I am of the Internet generation (sort of, anyway – I actually didn’t have an email address until I was in University, but if 40 is the new 20, then 20 must be the new baby, right?).  Telephone calls make me extremely uncomfortable.  I find people tend to be quite rude on the phone.  When you can’t see someone’s face, it’s easier to be rude.  Also, I fear the overlap of conversation that happens when you call someone on their cell, and there’s a delay so you end up speaking at the same time.  It’s awkward and scary for me.  Email is so much easier to deal with.  You can compose your thoughts, you can explain your situation without being interrupted, and you can proofread so that you don’t forget something important.

But enough about my awkward social fears.  Back to avoidance.

Things I have done today to avoid these uncomfortable tasks:

  • Wash the dishes
  • Have a dance party in the kitchen while washing the dishes
  • Leave the dishes to soak while I dance to Britney
  • Doing one too many hair tosses during said dance party and putting my neck out
  • Line the oven with tinfoil
  • Write this blog post
  • Take numerous pictures of Ziggy because the sunlight he’s lying in makes him look like a regal prince
  • Check the nesting box every 20 minutes for an egg
  • Have a dance party in the kitchen to celebrate finding an egg
  • Compare Liesl and Scruffy’s eggs in detail (Liesl’s are pointed, and Scruffy’s are round)
  • Say over and over to myself, “Kill the girl inside” a la Jon Snow in the fifth book of The Game of Thrones series, A Dance with Dragons, when Maester Aemon tells Jon he must kill the boy inside him so that the man may live.  Kill the girl inside so that the woman may live and write a grant report and make some telephone calls
  • Read the fifth book in The Game of Thrones series, A Dance with Dragons, because I only have it for 10 more days, and according to my e-reader, I have 1500 pages left to read
  • Realize that if I just did the tasks instead of avoiding them, I might be done them by now
  • Contemplate, quietly, my immaturity and share it with the Internet



That’s done.


I guess I could start the report.  I mean, I could at least download the guideline from the website.  That counts, right?

But it only takes a couple of seconds to download.

Maybe first I should go check if Scruffy laid her egg yet today . . . then I’ll get started, right away.

I promise.

Ziggy in the sunshine

I am the Zig. Do not block my sunshine.