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Found some bargain milk this week – 50% off!  I bought four litres of milk for the price of two, which I turned into two litres of yogurt and a big batch of ricottaHomemade Ricotta

Having never made ricotta before, it was surprisingly easy.  As easy as making yogurt.  Why did I not know that making these things myself was so easy?  Why did I believe for years that dairy products like this were something I had to buy at a grocery store?  Live and learn.

Homemade Ricotta

Also found a great resource for fellow Canadians if you’re interested in knowing where your dairy is processed and packaged.  On all dairy products, including milk, there is a four digit code that tells you what processing plant the product came from.  This way, the industry can easily track a product back to its point of origin.  This comes in handy if you’re trying to eat local.  For example, Dairyland is a huge, international brand, but 4015 is the code for their processing plant in Saskatoon.  So to buy local milk, I just have to look for that code.  You can find your local processing plant code by looking at this chart.

(If you look at the code on the milk pictured above, you’ll see it’s not local.  It’s from Edmonton.  But hey, it was on sale!)