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I’ve been trapping and killing a lot of baby mice over the past few days.  I have turned into a cold-blooded killer when it comes to mice.

Mice are everywhere in the city.  People think that chickens attract mice, but the mice are already there.  You just see them more because they come out to steal food.

We’ve been having a mouse-free winter so far, but a few days ago, the mice starting appearing in greater numbers.  Bold little devils, too.  In the middle of the day, they’d saunter into the chickens’ run and sit there, nibbling away, daring me to come trap them.

Ziggy was the first to discover them.  A few nights ago, he refused to come back into the house, instead he sat staring at the chicken feeder. I went out with a flash light, and yes, there was a big, fat mouse in the feeder, gorging away.  We’re still not sure how he got in there.

Out came the traps.

Ziggy likes to chase them, but he gets “mouse brain.”  Once he sees a mouse, he will chase them for hours, and nothing, not even TREATS can entice him to walk away.  I literally have to go pick him up and carry him back into the house.

However, he’s a great detective.  He showed me where the mice were coming from – my neighbour’s garage.  It seems my neighbours have been too lazy to haul their garage to the bin in the alley, and instead just leave it on the back deck for their mongrel dogs to rip apart.

Mouse heaven.  Free food and a warm garage?  Awesome.

Yeah, soooooo awesome.  And the mouse wars wage on . . .

Trapping Mice