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Yesterday was my one-year blogiversary!  Hurrah!  I managed to keep this little creative baby alive for a whole year.  In celebration, here’s a review of the first year.

  • The post that got the most hits was . . . Going Shopping in Your Closet {Upcycle Thursdays}.  Thanks to Pinterest, this little post received the most hits this year.   I really liked doing the “Upcycle Thursday” series, but as I continued to write the blog, I found myself wanting to post less “found” content and more original content, so I let the series fall by the wayside.  I’m still constantly scouting for upcycling projects, though.  Seriously.  Constantly.  Can’t wait for garage sale season.
  • The post that I was most proud of . . . Tour de la Coop.  I’m still so proud of our chicken coop.  Will did an excellent job designing and building.  We put a little addition on the run late last summer, and we’ll probably get into some more renovations this summer (break out the reciprocating saw!), but it remains a fantastic coop for our fantastic girls.
  • The post that makes me sad . . . it’s a tie between And then there were three .. . and Saying Goodbye.  Not that I’m equating the loss of a chicken with the loss of my Baba, but re-reading both those posts still bring tears to my eyes.
  • The post that makes me laugh (at myself) . . . Check it Out.  Honestly, since some time has now passed, I actually rather enjoy telling people I started a fire in my oven.
  • The best thing I’ve learned about blogging . . . is to just be yourself.  I’ve taken some blogging classes through Alt Summit, and I’ve learned lots about photography, and design, and using new programs, like Illustrator.  But in the end, if you write an honest post, people will respond.  I’ve learned that even in print, even on the Internet, people can tell when you’re being a phony.  You can dress your blog up with pretty photos and a fancy layout, but if it’s not coming from the heart, if it’s not genuine, then people won’t respond.  Sometimes, I’ve been afraid to publish a post because I think it just might be too honest.  And in the end, those are the ones I receive the best responses on.  Those are the ones that start conversations, and make connections.