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As I was rummaging through the deep-freeze in the basement a couple of nights ago, looking for supper inspiration, I found the umpteen million bags of rhubarb I had chopped up and frozen this past summer.

As it happened, I also had some pie dough in the upstairs freezer left over from making quiche at Christmas.

Frozen rhubarb + frozen pie dough = delicious rhubarb tarts.

rhubarb tart I got the recipe from my canning bible, Canning for a New Generation by Lianna Krissoff.  She recommends in the book that you chop up rhubarb and freeze it in the right amounts for making these tarts.  Which is exactly what I did (two cups to each Ziploc bag).  And promptly forgot that I had done it.

Rhubarb tartThe tarts were awesome.  I ate all four of them myself.  (But not all in one day.  It took me TWO whole days to finish them).