The egg race was on, and Scruffy has been declared the winner. After implementing a few changes to the girls’ light exposure and feed, we stepped back and checked the nesting box five times a day waited patiently to see who was going to be the first to start laying again.

Today, as I was crawling in the side window of the coop, trying to pin Ginger down to grease up her comb with Vaseline, I noticed a small, green egg in the nesting box beside the large, white decoy egg I had placed there a couple of weeks ago. My heart skipped a beat.

My baby is all grown up. Sniff.

Now, I’m 99% sure that it’s Scruffy’s egg, but there’s a slight possibility that it may have been Liesl’s. I’m fairly certain it’s the Scruffster’s because a) it’s teeny tiny, b) it’s a bit pointed at the top, c) it’s glossy and smooth, and d) it was covered in poop. All these signs point to first egg. Plus, it’s a shade darker than a Liesl egg.

Congrats, my little Scruff. You’re the winner.

Scruffy's First Egg(Aren’t eggs a bloody miracle?! I seriously can’t get over it. Well done, bird)