We were having a wee problem with frost this winter. Seems that four chickens give off a lot more moisture than two, and we didn’t have enough ventilation in our coop. The back and side walls were covered in frost.

So, we took a Sawzall to the back wall, cut a huge hole in it, and hoped for the best.

And . . . it worked! I’m happy to report that the frost is gone.

Frost Free Walls in Coop

The temperature around here has been pretty mild for the last few days (hovering around -5 C) so that helped. Also, having only three chickens now instead of four is making a difference.

Unfortunately, we didn’t solve the problem soon enough and little Ginger got a bit of frostbite on her comb. She has a single comb, and one of her little spikes has turned white. I’ve been smothering on the Vaseline ever since I noticed it, but alas, she’ll probably lose that little spike in the spring. The other two girls have pea combs, which are much less susceptible to frostbite.