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I won’t call them resolutions.  Instead, they are goals.  One of my goals this year is to “feel less guilty” and breaking a resolution will certainly make me feel guilty, so I’m going to start by calling them goals, not resolutions.  (Of course, if I don’t reach a goal, I tend to feel guilty anyway, so it’s yet to be seen if semantics will actually help).

Goal – To feel less guilty.  I wrote a post about my struggles with guilt a while ago, and  got some good advice from readers and bloggers.  My favourite bit of advice was from a friend, who said her mom always told her, “Guilt is a choice.  Build a bridge and get over it.”  Whenever I feel guilt creeping in, I say to myself, “This is only a choice.  Build a bridge and get over it” and then I move on.  I try not to examine the guilt, or dwell in it, because it really is a rabbit hole.  One negative thought leads to another, and eventually, I’m just paralyzed by guilt.  So this year, no guilt.  Or less of it, anyway.

Goal – To only eat meat I know.  I’ve been watching too many food documentaries on Netflix lately.  The modern food industry disgusts me.  I can no longer abide the inhumane treatment of animals in order to produce cheap meat.  Unless I know where the animal was raised, and butchered, I won’t eat it.  We already buy our (grass-fed) beef from a local rancher, and we plan to raise three meat chickens next summer, as well as hunt for deer.  Yes, this will be more expensive, and yes, it means eating less meat, but I’d rather eat a smaller quantity of quality meat, then copious amounts of cheap crap.

Goal – To grow more vegetables.  We ran out of potatoes and onions in November.  NOVEMBER.  We didn’t grow nearly enough.  Perhaps the front lawn needs to go . . .

Goal – To take a few small steps toward Paris.  Spending a year abroad living in Paris has been a dream of mine for years.  But I haven’t really been doing anything about it, other than daydreaming, and sighing, and pining.  This year, I’m going to start taking a few small steps.  Like learning how to speak French.  That’s a small, easy step, non?

Goal – To look on the bright side.  Don’t know if it’s nurture or nature, but I tend to see the negative in all situations.  I’ve been bitter, jaded and cynical since I was 15.  This year, I’m going to stop and force myself to find the positive.  Maybe then it’ll become a habit.  At supper, we will talk about what good things happened to us today, instead of complaining about all the stupid things.  If I didn’t find it too incredibly cheesy, I might even try writing down one positive thing a day, and stuffing it into a mason jar (you know what I’m talking about; it’s been all over Facebook and Pinterest lately).

Goal – To write like a demon.  I had no particular goals in mind when I started this blog, other than a nagging feeling that I needed to write.  Slowly, the blog has been taking shape, and my writing is starting to focus itself.  Somedays, I feel absolutely uninspired to write a post, but I sit down and write it anyway because I made a commitment to post three times a week, and damn it, I’m gonna do it.  I won’t be a slave to inspiration.

Those are a few of my New Year’s goals.  Did you make resolutions or goals this year?