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Yes, I really meant it when I put quotes around “Ice Cream” in the title because my favourite “ice cream” actually isn’t ice cream at all.  (My apologies – my inner grammar stickler made me point this out because all too often quotation marks are used improperly to highlight words, e.g. “Onions” for sale, or “New” Items in Stock, when really they should be italicized or underlined, and my inner grammar stickler didn’t want you to think that I don’t know how to use quotation marks.  God forbid.)

I don’t have anything against ice cream.  I enjoy real ice cream very much.  When I was in Italy, I had gelato twice a day (oh the flavours!)  I just don’t always have ice cream on hand when I get an ice cream craving.  What I do always have on hand are frozen bananas.  I have a freezer full of frozen bananas.  I can’t handle the taste of over-ripe bananas, so at the first sign of browning, into the freezer they go.  Then they will slowly get used up in baking and “ice cream.”

Banana Ice Cream

It’s so simple.  A couple frozen bananas, some peanut butter (or any nut butter you like), and a splash of milk or rice milk or whatever kind of milk you drink.  Pulverize it in the blender or food processor, and you have “ice cream.”