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My week in pictures.

Baskets on the wallSaw this idea on Pinterest (apparently originated in an IKEA catalogue), and knew it would be perfect for our back entrance, which is tiny and small and cramped and has shoes everywhere.  Now we have an easy way to corral mitts, scarves, toques, and other winter wear accessories, instead of dumping them on the kitchen table.  Does your kitchen table become a “catch-all” for everything?  It seems like our table is covered in everything but food.

Letter holder and lazy susan upcycling projectsA long, long time ago (this past July), I got these two awesome items at a garage sale for $2.  Steal of a deal.  Now, I’m finally getting around to doing something with them.  These are the “before” shots; stay tuned for the “after.”

Blue Jay in my backyardHeard some ridiculous, obnoxious bird screeching on Monday, and found three blue jays in my backyard.  This little guy landed on the railing right outside my backdoor, and posed for several close-up shots before screeching at me and flying away.  I think they’re gorgeous birds, but they sure could tone down the attitude a bit.

Scrambled eggs on toastHad a scrambled egg, and a soft-boiled egg for breakfast on Wednesday.  It’s really nice having fresh eggs again.  Now if only the other three hens would start laying, we’d be back in business.  Poor Liesl is doing all the work herself right now.  Come on, girls, time to get back in the game.

My curly hairCheck out my super-duper curly hair.  I found a curly hair tutorial as I was trolling the Internet so I gave her tips a try.  Wow.  I’ve never had such huge curls, and they held all day.  This gal knows what she’s talking about.  If you have curly hair, be sure to check it out.

How was your week?  Any cool projects on the go?  I’d love to hear from you – leave me a comment below.
Happy weekend, everyone.  And Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!