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A round-up of our week in pictures:

Our snowy yardNow this is winter.  This is the kind of snowfall I remember having as a kid.  Piles and piles of snow.  Thank goodness for snow blowers.

Spray painting floor gratesMy favourite upcycling activity: spray painting.  There are little things in our house that really bother me.  For example, none of our light switch plates match – it’s jumble of different types, styles and colours.  Same thing with the floor grates – none of them matched.  Some are even different sizes.  I went to Home Depot, wanting to replace them all, but not at $15 a piece (there are 13 floor grates upstairs alone).  So instead I bought a $9 can of spray paint (hammered bronze – my fave), and sprayed away.  End result?  Awesome.  And now they all match.  That makes me happy.

The last of our garden potatoesWe used the last of our garden potatoes for supper this week.  They were still super yummy.  Also added homemade goat cheese to the mashed potatoes.  Delicious.

Added sand to the chicken coop runThe girls love hanging out under the coop in their little wind shelter area, and also love taking dirt baths back there.  The dirt level was getting a bit low, so we tossed a bag of sand under the coop.  Some people use sand instead of dirt in the run.  We have a mixture of both.  It does make cleaning up the droppings a lot easier – they don’t freeze to the sand like they do to the dirt.  And of course, the ladies love taking dirt baths in the sand.  Plus, I actually got Scruffy to stand still for a picture.  Bonus.

Linoleum rust stain before and afterOur old garbage can left a rust stain on the linoleum in the kitchen.  I got it out with vinegar and baking soda.  Is there anything those two can’t clean?

My brother's new puppyMet my brother’s new puppy, Teddy.  He adopted him from Size Small Dog Rescue.  We love him already.

Bread and prime rib roast for supperWill made four loves of bread, a pan of oregano focaccia bread, and a batch of buns.  The buns went well with the last of our beef from Greenwood Springs Ranch – a lovely prime rib roast.  Time to put in a new order.

Covered up the clocks in the houseOkay, this is going to make me look a little crazy, but one day, I decided to cover up all the clocks in the house.  I was curious what it would feel like if I had no idea what time it was.

I’m making the effort in my life to choose time over money.  Money is a renewable resource; time is not.  And often, I’m glad with the outcome.  Because of this choice, I was able to go out for lunch with my Baba and my Dad many times over the past couple years, and I’m grateful now that I was able to spend that time with her, instead of working at some crappy job to make a bit of money.  But a lot of the time, I just plain old feel guilty about not working, or about not getting enough done in a day.  So for one day, I decided not to judge my day by how much I got done every hour.

It was an interesting experiment.  Can’t say it was entirely successful; it’s pretty hard to avoid knowing what time it is.  My dogs know exactly what time they usually go for a walk (4 p.m.) and what time they eat supper (4:30 p.m.), so I kinda knew from their reactions what time it was.  But it was nice not putting myself on a schedule, like I usually do.  I did my chores when I felt they should be done, and I didn’t worry so much about crossing things off my to-do list.  I wasn’t any less productive, but I was a little less hard on myself.  So that counts for something.

What about you?  Any interesting experiments on your little homestead this week?  Happy weekend, everyone.