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So by now you may have noticed the new tag line on my header – Sustainable & Stylish City Living.  As I said in my post last week, my blog is now six months old, and it’s the perfect time to tweak and refine.

When I started Dreambles, I left the focus wide open because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to blog about.  I love style and design, but I’m not a designer.  I think crafts are fun, but they don’t take up a huge part of my life.  I’m not a great cook, but I love gardening.  Gradually, I noticed that I seemed to write the most about my animals, my green lifestyle, my career, and my garden, so it only makes sense to narrow the focus of the blog to those topics.

I live in the city, and I love living in cities.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time in small towns, and while I enjoy them, I can’t see myself living in the country or on an acreage.  I need the energy of a city, and I like to be able to walk or bike to get to where I want to go  However, I am also extremely passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle.  To me, this means growing my food, being a steward of the earth, and leaving as little trace of my existence behind when I go.  When people find out that I garden and raise chickens (and that I’d really like to have a goat and bees, too!), they usually inform me that I need to move to an acreage.  I say no!  I believe it is possible, and healthy, for city dwellers to be more actively involved in producing their own food.  I believe it is the way forward, and the only way to save the planet from turning into a pile of shiny, plastic crap (think Wall-E).

When you put in the effort to grow a garden or raise a chicken, you invest in it.  You invest your time, your energy, your money, your sweat, and your heart.  You want it to thrive, to grow, to be happy.  In return, it keeps you alive.  You are connected.  There is no connection, no investment in that bag of tomatoes you buy from the grocery store that came in a truck from god-knows-where, and therefore, you don’t feel bad about throwing half the bag out when it rots in your fridge.  Waste is never a concern for us.  Everything is disposable.  On the other hand, when you’ve spent three months growing your own tomatoes, coaxing tiny seedlings into spindly little plants, staking stalks that have been ravaged by wind and rain and heavy fruit, watching and waiting for the first green tomato to turn red, you can be damned sure you aren’t going to waste one single fruit.  That’s connection, and I think it’s the only way forward out of this culture of waste that we currently live in.

So welcome to the new and improved Dreambles.  I hope you enjoy it.

P.S.  Today is Beer Darts – hurrah!  I’ll post all about it on Wednesday!