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One of the best parts of working at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is the leftover food from Opening Nights, and the Medieval Feasts.  Last week, after the feast, two roast chickens made it into the trailer’s fridge, along with some roast beef and marinated onions.  Yummy stuff.  I waited a couple days until everyone had their chance at the chicken, and then I took the carcasses home to make a stock.  Luckily, there was still some meat left on them, so I turned it into a hearty chicken soup.

I used this recipe from Canadian Living, with a few adaptations here and there.  I like to use a mix of rice and barley and spelt (instead of just rice); plus, I add a can of lentils, too.  Otherwise, it’s a great recipe and creates a lovely broth.  (Also check out the Pesto Chicken Salad recipe – so delicious!)

my cheap chicken soup