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Now that we’re getting four eggs a day, the egg tray in our fridge runneth over.  We give some to the neighbours, Will has perfected the art of egg salad, and a hard-boiled egg makes a nice snack now and then, but still, we can’t keep up.

Enter pickling.  Every small town bar in Saskatchewan has a giant jar of pickled eggs on the counter.  (How do I know this?  I’ve toured the province a few times performing with Persephone Theatre’s Youth Tour.  I’ve stayed in all the small town hotels – the mediocre, the bad, the moldy).

Here’s our first attempt at pickled eggs.  We made a brine from a combo of apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, and water, with garlic and red onions.  Then we stuffed fourteen hard-boiled eggs in a large Gem jar, with fresh oregano and lemon thyme, and poured the brine over it.  These have to stay in the fridge – don’t leave them on your counter! (I love pickled eggs, but no one actually eats the pickled eggs on the counter at a small town bar)

Ooooh, it looks so good!

How to pickle eggs