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I took an awesome online class yesterday called “How to use Illustrator to make Your Brand YOURS.”  Alison, from thealisonshow.com taught the class, and she was great.  I really got my $15 out of it!

Now, I don’t have the cash sitting around to rush out and buy Adobe Illustrator, so I Googled “Best free alternatives to Illustrator” and several choices came up.  I decided to try Inkscape because it seemed  quite powerful, yet still user friendly, and close enough to Illustrator that I could apply what I learned in the class.  I am sooooo excited to learn this program – I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and start playing with it.  I created a “Brand Board” for my blog.  It’s still a work in progress, but it ties together the fonts, colours, lines, and photostyling that I use, so when I’m creating a post, I can refer to it, and see if the post reflects the “Dreambles” brand.  Check it out.

Brand Board for Dreambles