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Sniff.  Our last baby is now a hen.  Marianne laid her first egg on Tuesday. Rather awkwardly.  I have a feeling she may have dropped it while she was roosting.  It was in such a strange place in the coop.  If so, that must have been quite a shock for her!

All week, she’s been in and out of the coop, kicking the shavings around and making little nests.  She’s also been rather noisy.  Hopefully, now that she’s laying, she’ll calm down a bit.  She’s lucky, too.  If she hadn’t started laying, we were considering chopping her head off.  Basque hens are “dual purpose” – you can raise them for eggs or for meat.  At six months, she’d be awfully tasty.  However, she’s a layer now.  Hurrah!

Marianne's first eggMarianne's tiny egg compared to Ginger'sMarianne, a Basque hen