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I promised to share my results!  It has been over three weeks since I set those orange peels to soak in vinegar.

Orange Peels soaking in Vinegar

I didn’t manage to get all the pulp off the orange peels, so there were floaty bits in the vinegar.  I strained it and placed it back into the mason jar.  It has a lovely orange hue.

Orange coloured Vinegar

Then I took an old, rinsed out spray bottle, and poured in one part orange vinegar to three parts warm water.

Spray Bottle filled with Orange Vinegar and Water

I’ve used it mainly in the kitchen, and it does a great job of cleaning the counters and the stove top.  The strong smell of the vinegar didn’t completely disappear, but it doesn’t linger, either.  The orange scent is what’s left behind.  I used four oranges.  Next time, I might try six, and maybe a couple of lemons, too.  Or I might add a few drops of sweet orange or lemon essential oil.

Totally enviro-friendly all-purpose spray made with white vinegar (cheap!) and citrus fruit peels that I would’ve just tossed in the compost bin.  Awesome.