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My definition of a macaroon as I was growing up was a chocolate coconut cookie thing that my Mom made quite frequently.  We called them haystacks or macaroons. So whenever I heard people professing their love of macarons, I so didn’t understand.

Then I went to Paris during my honeymoon.

I spent many afternoons drooling over the rows of beautiful pastel macarons in the windows of the boulangeries, but too insecure in my knowledge of the French language to actually ask for one (I had learned only a few phrases: “Deux café au lait, s’il vous plait”, “Une baguette, s’il vous plait“, and if I was feeling especially brave or drunk, “Pain au chocolate, s’il vous plait”)

I understand now.  Macarons (not macaroons) are delicious, fluffy indulgences that one must savour because they are expensive, difficult to make, and absolutely delicious.

A tribute to macaroons and macarons.

(Click on the photo for the source and recipe)

Move over chocolate. This recipe combines coconut and fresh raspberries for a new take on the classic “haystack” macaroon.

The French macaron. They are so pretty, and perfect, and pink, and lovely. They make me want to move to Paris, and write bad poetry.