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I’m starting a new weekly post called “Upcycle Thursday.”  Every Thursday, I will share a great upcycling idea from around the world wide web.  I may even add some of my own original upcycling projects (if they turn out okay, and I’m not too embarrassed to share them).  There are just so many fabulous ideas out there on how to reuse items that would normally be considered garbage.

I am continually confused and amazed by humanity.  On one hand, I am disgusted by the hate and fear and destruction I see in the news every day.  On the other hand, I am incredibly moved by our capacity for creativity, resourcefulness, and beauty, and humbled by our compassion and selfless, bottomless love for each other.  I choose to promote the beauty and love.

First up, in light of the recent decision to do away with the penny in Canada, here’s a few ideas on what to do with some of those 30 billion little copper coins floating around out there.  (Click photo to enlarge)