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We live a small house – 800 square feet.  Most of the 800 square feet is a gigantic hallway that is completely useless (I call it the ante room – it leads to every room in the house). We live in an old house.  Built  in 1929, much of the original design and character has been lost, due to remodels and additions haphazardly slapped on over the years.

So all this is a long-winded way of saying that space is at a premium, especially in our tiny, weirdly shaped living room.  Enter the Double Duty Dog Kennel.  By day, it’s a beautiful wood coffee table.  By night, it shelters and protects little dogs from harm (and keeps them from chewing couch pillows and books). 

The Zig's new home

I fell in love with these kennels after seeing them in an issue of This Old House magazine.  I thought to myself, “Mmmm, the husband is good with tools and likes to work with wood . . . . aha!  He can build them for me!  Hurrah!”  And he did.  He used solid birch and upcycled some old grate covers for the front doors.  He did an awesome job.