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I’ve been trying for the past three years to only give handmade gifts for Christmas.  But every year, I chicken out and end up at the malls.  Not this time.  I’m starting early.  I’m planning.  This year, I will not buy a single present at the mall.  This will not be another consumer Christmas.  I am on the lookout for awesome handmade gifts that do not look like they were made by a third grader.  And I will succeed. 

Mostly, I just want to feel the magic of Christmas again.  Over the past few years, the holidays have become more about spending money than spending time with loved ones.  Christmas has become a bundle of stress and a financial burden.  I’m breaking the cycle.  This year, the gifts will be handmade.  This year, the gifts will be upcycled.  This year, I will not go into debt to show my family and friends that I appreciate and love them. 

Here’s the first idea (of many, hopefully!) from Design Sponge.  Love it!

Painted Botanical Mugs